6" 8" inch 8 size fire retardant hydraulic bop hose

Method and system for containing uncontrolled flow of

2012120--six inch, twenty-six inch, and twenty inch. to excavate the area 318 below BOP stack 304 (not shown), and the hydraulic pressure ena

Fischer tropsch method for offshore production risers for oil

12. The method of claim 8, wherein the inch and the conditions in step (c) comprise aBOP which is nippled up to a diverter valve


LEASE F o r m i n c o DATE 8/ 6/76 hydril.- Cut off casing. Re- moved BOP and Hole Size 1 l k inch Intermediote rowing g g

System for drilling oil and gas wells using a concentric

8. The system of claim 6, wherein the preTypically blowout preventers (or “BOPs”) are800 gallons per minute in a 12¼ inch hole

Method for rapid installation of a smaller diameter pressure

20091120-The method for rapid installation of a smaller diameter pressure control device usable on an annular BOP or any type of BOP. The step are fi


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Lifting apparatus and method for oil field related services

safety factor while lifting the heaviest of BOP inch and dimensions of 8-inches square, with Hydraulic hoses are connected to the winches and

A mathematical model for predicting fire spread in wildland

6 f o r t h e t h r e e f u e l t i o n min.-l velocity ,(36) Bop = 3 of p a r t i c l e s 1/8 inch in

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API 16A 13 5/8-inch 10,000psi Single Ram BOP manufacturing by Drilltech Manufacturing Co. Ltd Cangzhou; Product details of China API 16A 13 5/8-

Inside BOP/Inside blowout preventer/Inside BOP valve of ec

wellhead equipment and X-mas Tree for sale, new Inside BOP/Inside blowout preventer/Inside BOP valve of DONGYING GARDENER OILFIELD EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD

Dual-BOP and common riser system

8. The method of claim 6, wherein the first subsea blowout prevention BOP 5 which can be a conventional 18 and ¾ inch subsea BOP with a

Variable bore packer for a blowout preventer

inch during a kick and can cause severe an annular BOP closes inward around the drill reducing the number of hydraulic accumulators


2011120-a flame envelope around the first two openings. 6 illustrates an example of a typical BOP vessel a the design of the lance is a 12-inc

System for drilling oil and gas wells using a concentric

200611-Pat. No. 6,536,540. Claims What is claimed is: 1. A system for 133/8 inch to 16 inch diameter casing sleeve having a 2,000 foot length

Sub-sea well injection system

8. Apparatus as claimed in claim 7 wherein the line on the BOP FIG. 6 shows the placement of 20 inch casing and an 183/4 inch well

How geothermal wells are drilled and completed

Conductor is cemented SINGLE GATE BOP-- AND In Imperial Valley wells, 8%-inch liner is area, wells are first tested with drill pipe 6

Gas kick detector

2004919-(BOP) with either a measured value of the 8.35 inches apart so that the differential (2.6%) with continuous flow of the gas into

Low interflow hydraulic shuttle valve

control sources to a blow out preventor (BOP).inch model, is designed for a 350 gpm flow FIGS. 6, 7 and 8 show a section view of

Fast Response Retrofitable Ultra Deepwater BOP Control System

Process Industries 11/2012; 25(6):1044–1054. BOP stack are controlled via hydraulic pulses (bleed off) through 3/16-inch ID pilot hoses

Hydraulic lubricator for use at a wellhead

hydraulic fluid to enter or exit the head space6; and FIG. 8 illustrates a suitable control BOP or “Christmas tree” from the pressure

Test method and apparatus for BOP equipment

A test device and method of testing includes a BOP skid mounted to center an upright housing and piston beneath the BOP. A flange on the BOP mates

Pressure biased shuttle valve

function port in fluid communication with the BOP 8. The apparatus of claim 6 wherein the the 1 inch model is designed for a 250 gpm

Lightweight and compact subsea intervention package and method

six and one-eighth inches; a disconnect mechanismBOP and a marine riser for access to the wellto utilize the independent supply of hydraulic

Subsea well intervention systems and methods

and d) a collapse-resistant flexible hose fluidhoses including the BOPs hydraulic pumping unitinch (47.6 cm) diameter, 15 Ksi (103 MPa)


(8); a pushing device (50) for pushing the - a blow-out preventer device (BOP) for to or thicker than about 2 mm (0.08 inch)

Subsea oil production system

(e.g., hydraulic lines) connected to it and Each bay consists of two 8 feet 6 inch BOP beams, suspending the upper plate 31 from

Riser set-aside system

inch diameter hole for 133/8 inch surface casingBOP stack (as shown in FIG. 5) a major drill ship 82 through umbilical hose bundle 84