5 spiral lines hose for phosphoric acid

Process for the production of biaxially oriented rigid rod

(1,2-d:4,5-d)bisoxazole-2,6-diyl] 1,4, and a solvent such as polyphosphoric acid; Spiral lines were visible on the inner and outer

single-wall carbon nanotubes and process for making the same

wherein the supercapacitor is a spiral-wound phosphoric acid, trifluoromethane sulfonic acid, as used herein are preferably 5–8 membered

Seal for an electrode hole in an electric arc furnace

2008419-phosphoric acid or phosphate compound binder FIG. 2 is a section along line A--A of spiral-shaped chamber 11, has a metallic 5 and

Cylindrical magnetic recording medium and method for

or by forming tracks that are in a spiral orbit whose center is the in which the substrate was immersed in a 0.5 wt % phosphoric acid

Process for recovery of amino acids from aqueous mixtures

1 wherein said acid is 85% phosphoric acid. ##STR5## where R1, R2, R3 and R4 spiral wound, hollow fiber, or tubular membranes

Phosphoric or phosphonic acid esters

pNovel phosphoric or phosphonic acid esters of the formula (I) IMAGE in which X and Y represent oxygen or sulphur, R represents optionally

Densification of phosphatic wastes and phosphoric acid slimes

wastes and phosphoric acid slimes and solvent In one embodiment a series of three spiral-woundturbidity less than about 5 Jackson Turbidity


201459-Hose and Fittings VoIP Gateway Electrical generatorsPhosphoric Acid Hot-Plate or Vibration Welding Spiral Pipe Machinery Seamless Pipe

alkyl-(di) thiophosphoric acid ester amides, process for

(di)thiophosphoric acid ester-amides of the (XIII) R5-CO-Y (XIII) in welcher R5·aucherpatronen, -dosen, -spiralen u.·a.,

System of Concentration Unit for Extraction Phosphoric Acid

phosphoric acid outlined,and to increase the production and reduce the spiral flow tray in the 1st fluorine absorber,totally 5 projects.The effect

Development of Spiral-Type Supported Liquid Membrane Module

performed using newly developed spiral-type supported liquid membrane modules. and D2EHPA (di-(2-ethylhexyl)phosphoric acid) for the recovery of zinc

nanostructure and dynamics of phosphoric–triflic acid

phosphoric–triflic acid blends of hydrated ABPBI [poly(2,5-benzimidazole)] polymer electrolyte spiral spinsspin wavessuperexchange interaction

Process for working-up a reaction mixture comprising

(5) comprising polyetherol and dissolved alkali phosphoric acid, carbonic acid, hydrochloric acid, spiral wound membrane modules, flat modules, or

Development of a Spiral-Type Flowing Liquid Membrane Module

The result on the recovery of zinc using di(2-ethylhexyl)phosphoric acid Teramoto M,Tohno N,Ohnishi N, er al.Developmen of a spiral-type flowing

Process for refining fats and oils

20101120-phosphoric acid, citric acid or mixtures thereof 5. The process according to claim 4, wherein spiral heat exchanger, heat recovery st


results to those obtained by spiral CT imaging. PHOSPHORIC-ACIDSITESACTIVATIONMUTATIONSPEPTIDESfive sites from an in-gel tryptic digest of

Flame Resistant Hose Construction and Method

20040244858 Spiral hose using polyethylene December iii) wrapping said PU-wrapped hose build with phosphoric acid or polyphosphoric acid and typical

Method and apparatus for the conditioning of phosphoric acid

2005719-A method for the conditioning of phosphoric acid containing solutions is described, wherein the solution is converted to a solid material by

Jacketed spiral wound gasket

A spiral wound gasket made of an elongate band 5. The spiral wound gasket as recited in in a acid bath, such as phosphoric acid

Spiral configuration of electrodes and dielectric material

spiral sensor, whereby said wire electrodes with of a polyphosphoric acid film or sulfonated 3-5, the dielectric material 36 includes two

Method for recovering copper

(5) contacting said aqueous solution further acids, phosphoric acid esters, alkylphosphonic acidspiral motion is imparted to electrolyte passing

Removal of cadmium from wet phosphoric acid by cation exchange

Removal of cadmium from wet phosphoric acid by cation exchangeBooker, Nicholas AnthonyBooker, Nicholas Anthony

Fluoroalkyl esters of thiophosphoric acid

pThe invention relates to the novel fluoroalkyl esters of thiophosphoric acid, of the general formula (I) IMAGE in which R represents alkyl having

Polyamide membranes useful for water softening

(b) is assembled in a spiral membrane device a pH in the range from about 2 to about 5.for phosphoric acid, 110° to 120° C. being

Effect of Spiral Flow Field Design on Performance and

The spiral cell exhibited a higher voltage and five times lower degradation mainly by phosphoric acid impregnation, but also by sulfonation or doping

Design of fuel cell and electrolyzer for small volume, low

phosphoric acid fuel cells, molten carbonate fuel a spiral member, said spiral member constructed 5. The electrochemical fuel cell of claim 2,

S-azolyl-methyl-di(tri)-thiophosphoric-acid esters, process

pNovel S-azolyl-methyl-di(tri)-thiophosphoric acid esters (formula I) and their salts, process for their preparation, pesticides containing them, the

Spiral actuator for aerosol powdered suspension product

spiral path is provided in the actuator head to 4 or 5 in which said hydrocarbon propellant isphosphoric acid); Epoxol 8-2B (epoxidized butyl

Honeycomb core material for sandwich structure and method for

5 to 50 mm and a porosity of from 92 to 99phosphoric acid or phosphorus acid, for example, and mixed and stirred by a spiral pin mixer