subsea bop hose 1.5 inch high quality

Condition and Performance Analysis of a Subsea BOP Control

Presented in this paper is a model-based approach for performance and health monitoring of a double spool blowout preventer (BOP) pressure regulator

Subsea Drilling. BOP Umbilicals, Hotlines and Stack Hoses

Parker Subsea Drilling BOP Umbilicals, Hotlines and Stack Hoses One Source for all Hydraulic BOP Connections From topside connections, to plumbing the stack

Subsea force generating device and method

carried by pipe or hose 32 to BOPs 26 and 28 the equipment for providing the high pressure issubsea valve on the BOP stack or production

MUX BOP database mirroring

MUX BOP database mirroring United States Patent 8149133 Abstract: An hoses and control lines extending between the surface and subsea facilities

BOP operating system with quick dump valve

vibration and hose collapse and reduces the timePrior art subsea BOP operating systems include a 1.5 times greater than the area of the end

Subsea wellhead structure for transferring large external loads

A wellhead structure having a subsea wellhead ((BOP) stack are transferred through the connector(36) inches in diameter provides a high moment

Dual-BOP and common riser system

a higher pressure rated blow out prevention and first subsea blowout preventer from the wellsubsea BOP with a pressure rating of 10,000

Subsea hydraulic control system

A subsea hydraulic control system 10 supplies hydraulic fluid to operate subsea equipment SE, which in exemplary application may be a blowout preventer


high power laser operation on a target material,measured absorption of 1.5%/inch in a test cell subsea activities; perforating; decommissioning


Sensor and communications systems for communicating measurements from subsea equipment, such as at an offshore well, to the surface. A sensor for a

Riser set-aside system

subsea support means, said means for moving said the riser pipe is about 17 to 20 inches in stack 18 (hereinafter referred to as BOP stack)

inhibiting an explosive atmosphere in open riser subsea

the fluid outlet connected to a subsea pump to is equivalent to 1.5 bbls/min at downhole (e.g., closing the BOP to prevent further

Robust HPHT Well Completion Concept for Subsea-Horizontal

BOP = Blowout Preventer CRA = Corrosion ResistantHigh Pressure High Temperature HXT = Horixontal to be developed subsea from multi-well templates

Drilling Vibration Measurements on a BOP Stack

subsea Blowout Preventer (BOP) operation that has been structured around a Phase shifts and amplitude vibrations with velocities in the range from 1.5

Modular, distributed, ROV retrievable subsea control system,

A distributed function control module adapted for use in a modular blowout preventer (BOP) stack for use subsea comprises a housing, adapted to be

apparatus for entombing a defective blowout preventer (BOP

Walker, “Method for containing subsea oil (BOP) stack located on a floor of an ocean high pressure valve mounted on an upper opening

Blow out preventer (bop) corroborator

2012322- Vibrating hose 6; Draw-works 7; Standpipe 8;erosion and high pressure differential across the The Subsea BOP Corroborator, provided

Riser method and apparatus

The riser system includes a small diameter riser that can be disconnected from the subsea BOP/wellhead assembly to obtain access to the wellbore for large

Methods and systems for subsea electric piezopumps

water depth capability of the subsea BOP stack. high frequency/low-displacement motion of the pump direction control manifold 104 via hose 124

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high quality decisions on some of the biggest $1.5 billion dollars. The lease is beyond itssubsea BOP. Direct hydraulic controls are used

Deepwater Hydraulic Control System

subsea BOP response time, in large part because hose will have a higher Flow Coefficient (twist (that is, less than 1.5 turns per inch)

Subsea operating valve connectable to low pressure recipient

to the BOP; a low pressure recipient; and a storing high pressure hydraulic fluid in subsea force (i.e., due to a pressure

Device for controlling underwater pressure

high pressure riser (3) and a high pressure drilling pipe (14) which It is previously known to use a subsea blow-out preventer stack, BOP

Method and apparatus for blow-out prevention in subsea

A system and method for subsea drilling/completion. The system comprises a high-pressure riser extending from a semi-submersible platform to a subsea

Subsea wellhead apparatus

remotely operable high pressure control valves inch conductor string and the 133/8 inch casing In the prior art the most common subsea BOP

for hydraulic and electro-hydraulic control of subsea

BOP stack; and (3) a plurality of hydraulicallysubsea pilot control valve becomes excessively longhose sizing and higher operating pressure, while

Risk assessment of surface vs subsea blowout preventers (bops

Pride International - BOP control supervisor, CGG VERITAS - Surveyor, Del Zotto Products - Quality Control Supervisor, Noble Drilling - Subsea

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Subsea BOP Stack Shear/Seal Capability Modeling ToolShare Project Number 764 Program TAP Progress Date 10/29/2015 Category Deepwater Drilling Project

Discussion on Configuration of Subsea BOP Stack and Its

the requirements on the BOP stack and its control system are very high insubsea BOP and its control system.Different from the present technical