ageing resistance choke or kill hose

Connecting device for kill/choke lines between a riser and a

a kill- and choke manifold arranged on the platform and provided with flexible kill- and choke hoses to the slip joints outer barrel, and wherein

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API 16 C Flexible Choke Kill Line (Min. OrderBending Radius Reference Weight Hose Max. Length 2.Do you produce smooth or cloth wrapped cover?

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Hose coupling method

choke and kill, and motion compensator hose require reliability of sealing betweenOverlying the steel cables 20 may be one or more layers of outer fabr

Drilling riser connector

Below outside fluid line 26 is a choke and kill (CK) connector 50 andAs the cables or hoses 28 enter the top of the lower marine riser

Choke valve especially used in oil and gas wells

A choke valve specially used for regulating the flow volume and with it the back pressure of liquids or gas while drilling through shallow gas bearing


The method results in a hose assembly that will meet or exceed the requirements of the American Petroleum Institute for Choke and Kill Hose and/or


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Overload Earthing or Bonding Wires for Offshore (A0 Type) Steam Turbine Resistance Temperature Hose, Choke - Kill Assembly Microwave Level Gauge

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Umbilical line stand-off assembly for marine riser assembly

The umbilical line may be a cable, hose or pipe which is run along the1 showing the umbilical line, choke/kill line, and the clamp assembly;

Hose including an aluminum alloy

A reinforced hose including at least one of a pressure-resistant reinforcement, a tensile-strength reinforcement and/or an inner carcass. At least one of

Lantern with improved choke

lantern, operate a choke, and ignite the lanternMarkill Stove Astro Lantern num 69210 catalog pelsewhere; for example on a tube or hose

Cable clamp

A clamp system is provided for clamping one tubular to another, such as control lines to a marine choke and kill riser line. The riser clamp comprises

flexible choke kill line

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Dampened choke coil

It may be provided either inside or outside with a resistance layer. If of the unit, for instance, by covering with a hose of insulating material


supply, control umbilical, hose reel, etc.). Along with the drilling rigEmbodiments of the invention use a choke and/or kill line of the blowout

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Jingbo has 30 years experience in the oilfield hoses area and is the leading manufacturer of rotary drilling hose, choke kill hose, BOP hose and hammer


A protective suppression system including one or more sleeves of expansion coil of energy-absorbing material wrapped around a hose and a blanket which can

Flame Resistant Hose Construction and Method

resistance required by API 16D or of Lloyds Register Fire Tests for For example, kill, choke and jumper hoses and hydraulic control hoses

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The choke kill hoses come with the NRP Jones standard fire resistant red cover. If a customers application calls for a different tube or outer

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