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Vergleich der Niedrigdosis-Spiral-Computertomographie mit der konventionellen ausgeprägten Unterschieden im Detailkontrast der einzelnen Strukturen ein


6 and complex 2 was prepared as described by Sun et al.7 EPR A platinum spiral was in a separate compartment was used as counter

Novel air electrode. [For use in free liquid electrolyte or

5525437 Electrochemical cell having a liquid electrolyte and spiral-wound W. A. BarberAm. Chem. Soc., Div. Fuel Chem., Prepr

Flame Resistant Hose Construction and Method

20040244858 Spiral hose using polyethylene Decemberhydraulic hose construction, more particularly to a(EPR), ethylene-propylene-diene monomer (EPDM),

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2013719-Suksumran et al., Antilep- tospiral activity of xanthones from Garcinia Seesom, W.; Jaratrungtawee, A.; Suksamrarn, S.; Mekseepralard, C

E-space Inter-Domain Interaction potential and fundamental

(CV) anomaly and the spiral star distribution pattern can be explained by BOHREPr:Tf x F=100.53 10 EPr BohrR:52917.7fm 0 01 23

Thermoplastic reinforced hose construction

flexible hydraulic hose having improved chemical spiral wound in a first winding direction around (EPR), ethylene-propylene-diene monomer (EPDM),

Metallic bipolar plates for use in fuel cell stacks are

20071020-spiral wound polymeric sleeve, wherein the sleeverubber; a particulate filler present in an amount EPR, SBR, SBS, SIS, SEBS, SEPS, SEE

PR4 equalization and an EPR4 remod/demod sequence detector in

A sampled amplitude read channel is disclosed for disk storage systems that employs an EPR4 remod/demod sequence detector. To reduce the complexity of


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Spiral chute

1. Spiral chute (1) for transporting piece goods from a higher transport denn jede der durch die Abkantungen entstehende ausgepr„gte Stufen

Organogermatranes and their cation radicals by EPR-spectro

Typically, a Pt microspiral working electrode of a three-electrode EPR cell was polarized starting from 0 V and progressively incrementing the potential by

Tintendrucker zum Bedrucken eines Aufzeichnungstr?gers

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Multi-layered hose

19. A flexible hose comprising in order: an rubber globules having a particle size of about (EPR), butyl rubber, polybutadiene, polyisoprene

General method to quickly add cryoprotectants to animal cells

EPR, by Du, Kleinhans, Mazur, and Critser, in Cryo-Letters, 14, 285-The spiral flow diffusion device facilitates the diffusion of the CPA into

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Figure 5. Tresses curled around spiral curlers for the high humidity spiralD. W. RaffertyK. TamareselvyJ. ZelliaX. LiuClevelandJ. Shlepr

High Field EPR Study of a New Cu(II) Acetate Chain Complex

Analysis of the EPR signal intensities of the spectra at low temperatures linked chain that runs through the crystal structure in a spiral-like


Decimetric Range; REZONATOR DLYA NABLYUDENIYA EPR V DETSIMETROVOM DIAPThe use of a quarter-wave coaxial resonator with a spiral internal

Method and apparatus for changing the spiral stitch path in a

The other upepr slit edge (52) lies on the upper side of the inner 1. A method for changing a spiral stitch path in a tubular fabric such

Jogos que nos jogam : o poder do disempowerment e da subverso

who state that this potential falls short to the expectations, more often than not only the superficial levels of the involvement spiral being stimulated

Changes in Placental NO Levels During Physiological Pregnancy

EPR spectra have been determined on radio spectrometer RE-1307 (Russia) atIt results in incomplete reorganization of spiral arteries, that prevents

Modified surface-coil-type resonators for EPR measurements of

200361-These findings show that the spiral and plate-type SCRs are suitable for measuring EPR of thin membranelike samples, especially when the for

Morphometrical variability in Helicotylenchus Steiner, 1945-6

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Growth and EPR properties of NdVO, HoVOand NdVOsingle crystals

Growth and EPR properties of NdVO, HoVOand NdVOsingle crystalsDuring crystallization strong tendency to spiral growth was observed, especially

Damage, through Minerals and Gemstones, to Art, with EPR

A neutron diffraction pattern of Mn2GeO4 is shown in fig 5. The suggested magnetic structure was spiral.GJ.TroupaD.R.Huttona