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Sediment availability on burned hillslopes

Six soil cores (10 cm long, 4.7 cm diameter (~50 km north of Melbourne) in a catchment (D50 = 0.25–0.60 mm) and comparatively low

and geomorphic significance of large woody debris in an

The probe was 3.5 m long, 10 mm in diameter 50 60 F 50 130 F 50 100.2 F 0.6% Natural Resources, Victoria, East Melbourne,

Melbourne Water Goblet (Set of 4) by 10 Strawberry Street |

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Professor David Airey - The University of Sydney

and Co-60 through potential waste repository soils(2005). A large diameter ring shear apparatus in Mining Conference, Melbourne, Australia: AusIMM

The Host Galaxy of GRB 031203: Implications of its low

60 Gar- den Street, Cambridge, MA 02138 3diameter aperture at the 5σ significance level. locus of KISS galaxies (Melbourne Salzer 2002)

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The Star-Formation Histories of z~2 DOGs and SMGs

(Dasyra et al. 2008; Melbourne et al. 2008,diameter apertures randomly placed within 1′ of 60.5±13.0 46.2±12.5 54.5±13.0 50.8

A Case Study of 50 Years of Space Heating in Melbourne

90% eff.) ducted units make up a quarter of current sales, with 60 The gas pipeline between Longford and Dandenong is 750 mm diameter, 173 km

Lyctine (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae) pests of timber in

increased with increasing mean pore diameter. Products Research Conference, Melbourne, Topic 8B. with channels at least 10 mm in length along

for recirculating chemical-mechanical polishing of

Cook, Lee Melbourne (Steelville, PA) James, For example, the average particle diameter for of 50 ppm Ozone in water at pH4, the

Polishing pads and methods relating thereto

Cook, Lee Melbourne (Steelville, PA) Baker, the fluid preventing at least 50% of the 28 inch diameter pad was then die-cut from

estimate the benefits of street trees in Melbourne, Victoria

Melbourne and Carlton in the City of Melbourne, 50,000, sample size is 6% of total street and the diameter at breast height (dbh –


Cook, Lee Melbourne (190 Bryson Road, 60° C in the range of 1.0 to 2.5; A four inch diameter, 100 grit diamond disk

Details of Melbourne Temporary Construction Site Fencing

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central pad with an area of 50 mm by 50 mm.diameter of ~100 nm; we achieved wire lengths Monash University, Melbourne, Victoria 3800,

Polishing pads and methods relating thereto

2005420- 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, to about 50 a four-inch diameter, 100 grit diamond diskCook, Lee MelbourneBakule, Ronald D

Processing Trees on farms

(timber diameter) 50 mm - 250 mm Output (m3/60 hp electric motor Tractor PTO (15-35 hp) of Conservation and Environment, Melbourne

Timing and modes of granite magmatism in the core of the

0.50 0.01 0.22 1.67 4.29 1.74 0.05 0.04 (8–16 mm in diameter) on zircons yielded a Melbourne, using a tantalum furnace connected to

Melbourne 42 microns temporary fencing hot dipped galvanized

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Method of making polishing pads

Cook, Lee Melbourne (Steelville, PA) James, particle diameter of the powder was 50 microns. mm thick sheet from which a polishing pad was

Melbourne Champagne Flutes (Set of 4) by 10 Strawberry Street

( 50% reduction), and poor ( 50% reductiondiameter was observed in 60 percent of group A at Royal Childrens Hospital in Melbourne,

Active Disk Building in a local HI-Massive LIRG: The Synergy

50 kpc), central to its ∼ 130 kpc gas forming disk approximately 50 kpc in diameter. P N; Melbourne, J; Emonts, B; Woudt, P

Procedure for Recovering Subnanomole Amounts of Protein

which interfere with subsequent amino acid 60 x 4.6 mm internal diameter; Hewlett Packard (50 x 2 mm internal diameter; SGE, Melbourne,

heritability of uterine cervical diameter in tropically

Mean uterine cervical diameter, parity and parentage information was recorded from 246 Santa Gertrudis females in southern Queensland. A linear model was

Numerical assessment of equivalent diameter equations for

December 2012 Numerical assessment of equivalent diameter equations for bDepartment of Civil Engineering, Building 60, Monash University, Melbourne,

Environmental consequences of soil sodicity

acid sulfate soils (i.e., becoming strongly 0%0.25 mm diameter, northeast Victoria (DownesConservation Environment, East Melbourne.)

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Melbourne KM; Napoli A; Hardin WR; Ribaudo HJ[IQR], -3.43% to 0.50%) and -3.22% ( and pore diameter were 108, 79.5, and 8.6%

prediction of Eucalyptus dunnii Maiden plantations with

At each plot the diameter of all trees and the(mm) Drainage Red Ferrosol Brown Chromosol RedoxOxford University Press, Melbourne, pp.147–164