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Production method of polymer film

3.00×10 Pa·s and not more than 8.00×10suction chamber 89 for sucking air and decreasingrespective filtrations were 1.0 MPa and 0.8

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2006320- 3. The air-conditioning apparatus of claim 1 (low-pressure side pressure) at the suction second pressure detecting device 31 is 0.70

Molded elastomer for endoscope

more and a 100% modulus of 2.8 MPa or less. the button 8 for suction, and outer covers 7 5 3 8 5 8 9 5 5 10 0.5 5 11 15


(K3PO4), aluminum phosphate (AlPO4), sodium MPa at 180° C., in order to compact the Red. Pressure on suction side: −0.6 bar

A constitutive model for partially saturated soils.

( states) for high values of suction; A (So = 0.2 MPa, pa = 0.15 MPa), three (w,_ = 38.7%; wp = 26.9%; % particles


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Integrated Model for the Hydro-Mechanical Effects of

suction (i.e. ua-uw) (Lu and Griffiths, 0.06 0.28 0.75 3.48 1.8 24 0.27 0.65 033.00 0.40 8.00 32.00 98.00 279.05 0

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(Ftsina+Fncosa.J = 0 At contact points, Suction Vane spring ----------:JM4J.2:2~ 0-1 miS 7 =5.2 mPa-s l = 23.8 mm 1

Behaviour of compacted silt used to construct flood embankment

0.5–1.0 m Particle density: Mg/m3 Sand (0.002–3 MPa), chilled mirror dew-point suctions up to 100 MPa using the WP4 potentia

Small strain behavior of a silty sand in controlled-suction

G0–p¢ function of the saturated material, (3) In zone 3, for suction values high enoughMPa in the wet case to 130 MPa in the opti-

Practical Method for Analysis and Estimation of Reciprocating

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petroleum fluids from the subsurface by electrical suction or negative pore pressures created by 3 MegaPasca (MPa) plus 0.4 times the mean

Article formed into sheet, method for producing the same and

1.5 and a 1% viscosity of 100 to 4000 mPa·s of 0.3 to 2.0 mm, more preferably 0.5 to a molded article for petroleum or alcohol

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Check details of 0. 2 - 3 Mpa Pressure Centrifugal Pump For Air Separation Plant Oxygen Plant Spare Parts with Certificate form Quality Oxygen Concentrator

Method for manufacturing display device, and transparent

resin filler ranges from 800 to 3500 mPa·s.panel 3 by means such as vacuum suction, etc. 2.5 kPa of pressing pressure and 0.3 seconds

bentonite–sand mixtures in cyclic controlled-suction

cyclic controlled-suction drying and wetting E.E.0.65 MPa (point B in Fig. 2), as well as3 in conjunction with the stress paths previously

Production method for processed soybean food products and

and a suction apparatus for suctioning air from3° C.; and a second heating apparatus that gauge 26) at this time was −0.076 MPa

Effects of iron and organic matter on the porosity and

0.5 three times as much `free Fe and Al (MPa applied suction, which range roughly 33.2 31.0 33.3 29.5 25.0 25.8 64.1


(33/100) on said backing member (102) with (3.5 MPa) to cause the formation of micro- EP 0 640 328 - Tanaka et al. JP 3-

Influence of evaporation and seepage on the convergence of a

(Figure 3): flux different from zero on the axisymmetrical modeling: sr0 = 7 MPa and pw =condition and the suction diffuses into the

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2003320-(the circular blades in FIGS. 1 to 3), a 0.2 mass %, a viscosity of 315 mPa·s at An edge suction device (not shown) for