nominal size 5 16 inch braided fuel hose

Soft-tip performance braided catheter

braided metallic reinforcing member, typically of aRelatively articulatable hose 1989-05-16 Silber5 has a nominal pitch angle (to the catheter

Process for preparing thermoplastic matrix fiber-reinforced

braiding characteristics, again results in a 5 to about 20 weight percent, may be added to16 inch (40.6 cm) wrap length and 11 inch


200451- constituted of between 48 and 56 braided 5. The diverting filter according to Claim 1, [0092] The clinically relevant nominal diamet

Braided sleeving with rib strands

optionally encased in a smooth unribbed braid, an acrylic content on the range of 5 to 20 inches (0.64 to 7.6 cm) nominal diameter,

Scented candles

particles is from about 5:1 to about 100:1. nominal pore size or opening of about 8.0 ÅTypically, wicks are made of braided cotton in

Composite liner for oilfield tubular goods

2010320- such as sewer pipes or gas distribution lines,braid should result in a finished liner thicknessinches (63.5 mm), a nominal yield of a

Disintegrating stent and method of making same

such as by braiding polymer monofilaments into nominal diameter wherein (i) the biocompatible 5 mm in size, more preferably from about 0.5

Design and Development of Helicopter External Cargo Sling

nominal break strengths of 8, 16, 40, 60, sizes of No.3, No.4 and No.5, re- by a polyurethane coating fuzed to the braid

Hollow fiber membrane and braided tubular support therefor

20031220- the braid comprising, from about 16 to 60 0.5 to 7 denier, the braid being woven with (crosses/inch), with a wall thickness in the

Hydraulic Hose Assemblies - SAE 100 R1 AT Braided Hose

Manufacturer of Hydraulic Hose Assemblies - SAE 100 R1 AT Braided Hose, SAE 100 R16 Hydraulic Hose Assemblies, SAE 100 R3 Hydraulic Hose and SAE 100

Fire resistant hose assembly

braided, wound, woven, or knitted layer of one 5. The hose of claim 1 further comprising a Product Nominal Minimum Maximum Nominal Maximum

Soft-tip high performance braided catheter

Relatively articulatable hose 1989-05-16 Silberbraid ribbons have a thickness between 0.5 mil 5 has a nominal pitch angle (to the catheter

Fiber-reinforced carbon and graphite articles and method for

length greater than about 0.5 inch into said nominal length of from about 1 to about 4 used for filament winding and in braided

Flat braided ligament or tendon implant device having

length, the braid having about 5 to 25 carrier and up to about 10 warpOn transfer they are given a nominal 1.4 turn per inch (TPI) `Z` or

Kink-resistant braided catheter with distal side holes

16. The catheter section of claim 1 wherein the braid member has a 20. The catheter section of claim 1 wherein at least one of a5.)

china manufactures wholesale UL 3122 silicone rubber braided

We are professional china china manufactures wholesale UL 3122 silicone rubber braided appliance wire Manufacturer, china manufactures wholesale UL 3122 silic

Braided sheath sleeve for threading over at least one

The invention relates to a sleeve of braided sheath having at least one expanded end whose diameter is greater than the nominal diameter of the sheath;

Heat-treated wire-mesh EMI/RFI shielding gasket

is knitted or braided into a tubular structure. wire-mesh structure having a nominal dimension; about 3/16 inch is suitable for many

Stent graft with braided polymeric sleeve

(34, 106, 116, 130) having a nominal state and in which the structural US-A-5,575,815 (Pinchuk) discloses a braided tubular stent which may

Stent graft with braided polymeric sleeve

A stent graft for transluminal implantation includes a resilient tubular interbraided latticework of metal or polymeric monofilaments, a tubular interbraided

Method of making composite liner for oilfield tubular goods

length of said tube, such that axial tension isbraid should result in a finished liner thickness2½inches (63.5 mm), a nominal yield of


braided sheath, in which each rope is formed ofnominal diameter consisting of 16 plaits each 000 Denier per filament 5.1; 5.1 Yarn type

Hybrid high pressure hose

the braided reinforcing material having voids withnominal diameter between about ¼″ and about 5. The high pressure hose of claim 1 in

Reinforced hose

5. The reinforced hose (10) of claim 1, hose (10) includes an intermediate layer (16) layers (14, 18) is spiral-wound or braided

Seal around braided cable

201412-braided cable (for example, in the deployment ofnominal speed of thirty-five hundred rpm at inches, one inch, or three-quarters of an

nominal Vp of 69% and are generally the length tolerance of ±1.5 inches, which is not a foil or braid inside the jacket or a


(v) braid or braids of monofilament fiber, 16 wherein the soft suture anchors are used incarbonate had a nominal particle size of 10

Analysis and application of transmission line conductors

(x; Cu) = 4 4 x2 5:1053 10 4 Hz 510: though an impressive 16:7 kV =mm (nominal),braided shields and stated: The known approaches