14 diameter static dissipative chemical hose

Static dissipative fabric for flexible containers for bulk

Antistatic fabric for flexible containers for bulk material that includes electrically non-conducting threads and static dissipative, special permanent antist

Conductive composite material and method for producing it

JOURNAL OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE FEB 14 1994 dissipative flooring or static charge dissipative diameter; the extrusion of the binary composite

with quick change heater assembly with static dissipative

with flat blade heating element 1984-02-14 diameter that is less than an outer diameter ofstatic dissipative material that has a low

Acoustic attenuation chamber

component, the resonator, and the dissipative 14. The silencer of claim 1, wherein: the (i.e., diameter) throughout the perforated

Self-adjusting static dissipative shelf assembly

A pair of self-adjusting shelf assemblies, each made from static dissipative material and mounted in spaced relation in a storage chamber. Each assembly

Electrorheology: Statics and dynamics

201012-diameter were coated with an inner Ni layer andthe most probable course of a dissipative processstatic yield stress, beyond which the

Static dissipative optical construction

An optical construction that is static-dissipative and includes a static-dissipative layer buried within optical material. static-dissipative layer, wherei

Static dissipative cable ties, such as for radiation belt

static dissipative ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFEchemical resistance compared to polytetrafluoroethyleneminute was used with a 1.5″ diameter mandre

Dissipative ceramic bonding tip

Incorporated Static Dissipative Ceramic Rods for chemical vapor deposition, physical deposition, that creates bonding balls of stable diameter

Electrostatic power generator cell and method of manufacture

14. The power generator of claim 11, wherein(ESD) polymer or inherently static dissipative (diameter while still retaining sufficient mass to

Actively shielded transverse gradient coil for nuclear

each having an outwardly increasing diameter. 14. The improvement of claim 1 wherein said dissipative losses could be satisfied in the

Process for skin packaging electostatically sensitive items

to the support and a base diameter of about (TM) polymers, supplied by Dow Chemical Company, the film is antistatic or static dissipative,

Electrically conductive confined space ventilator conduit

dissipative polyethylene polymer material to allow static electricity, comprising a blower, and obstruction for a standard 8 inch diameter hose

Static dissipative container liner and method of making same

A chemical resistant static dissipative container liner for facilitating reuse of a metal container by providing a barrier between the metal container and a

Hermatically-sealed electrically-absorptive low-pass radio

dissipative resistances, typically 5000 ohms, to to the casing 13 and to the electrodes 14 sodiameter wire with a pitch of 0.15 cm,

Static dissipative polyurethane foams

A static dissipative flexible polyurethane foam is formed under free rise expansion conditions from a polyether graft polyol and an isocyanate, wherein one

Principles and implementations of dissipative (dynamic) self-

was observed in all dissipative systems studied chemical energy must be constantly delivered to diameter, and seven disks 1.27 mm in diameter;

Conduit assembly

static dissipative or conductive exterior that 14 and a conductive exterior 16 that decreases A portion of the socket diameter on either side


(Sumitomo Chemical), the melting point ofthe diameter of at least 0.47 meters, such as of break (%) PEEK with static dissipative properties


17. The dielectric isolator (100) of claim 14 also referred to as a static dissipative that the inner diameter can be above or below

Fast MHD Dissipative Processes

dissipative equations, originating a lively pro and{3 cm diameter: 0.3{0.4 cm) which lasts (14 MeV) with tritium operating devices from D{


dissipative thermoplastic polyurethane composition madediameter ratio of at least 20 and in some 14.2 pbw benzene glycol, 43.4 pbw 4,4′-

Methods and apparatus for casting ceramic sheets

14. The method of claim 8 wherein the film take-up roll and a static dissipative the order of 0.2 to 0.4 microns in diameter

Low creep polytetrafluoroethylene gasketing element

the sheet of PTFE may be static dissipative or14 to 1 and to form an expanded microporous 304.8 mm diameter metal drums heated to 365°

Nestless plunge mechanism for semiconductor testing

“stick” to a vertical test track 14′ where static dissipative material that surrounds and isdiameter of 0.083 inch and an inner diameter

Static dissipative textile and method producing the same

The present invention relates generally to a static dissipative textile having an electrically conductive surface achieved by coating the textile with an

Semi-conducting static-dissipative polymeric composites

A semi-conductive, static-dissipative polymeric composite comprising an insulative polymeric resin, and from about 5 to about 60 volume percent of a


which has a diameter of 2 inches and a 14, wherein the composite material includes about also referred to as a static dissipative

Dielectric isolators

also referred to as a static dissipative that the inner diameter can be above or below(rigid) and are finished with a chemical