wrapped surface lightweight petroleum transfer hose

Fiberglass collar for data transfer from rotatable shaft

Telemetry apparatus for a rotating machine shaft includes a fixed collar of lightweight composite material wrapped on the shaft and having embedded in its

Thermal expansion resin transfer molding

wrapped surface of the foam core against the inner confining surfaces of In another method of light weight paddle construction as described in U.S

Lightweight fishing rod and a method for making a lightweight

surface; wrapping a heat shrink film tape about the assembled mandrel and and energy transfer characteristics and which is light in weight

Flexible, kink resistant, fluid transfer hose construction

A flexible, kink resistant, fluid transfer hose construction that employs a flexible and abrasion-resistant protective jacket is provided. The protective

Abrasion-resistant material handling hose

and which is applied to the surface of said petroleum product transfer hose, and wherein saidwrapped about the underlying hose elements, and

Offshore oil storage and transfer facility

surface and carry therewith a supply hose adaptedtransfer facility adapted to receive and store Partially wrapped about the reel 92 is a supply

Boss Seal for Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessel

the interior surface defining an interior cavity and wrapping, after the molding, the liner andlightweight construction, high resistance to

Lightweight rocket engine combustion chamber and associated

20081020-A lightweight rocket engine combustion chamber and an associated method are provided. In one embodiment of the present invention, the combus

and apparatus for constructing circumferentially wrapped

2009919-wrapping prestressing material to minimize the slightly tensioned due to the weight of the 34 adequately aligned to transfer tensile f


20061119-transfer conveyor 9 whose lower stretch travels wrapping mechanism 16 wherein the web 11 is This is attributed to the lightweight cons

Conductive Heat Transfer |

engineer / researcher in heat transfer fluid when the flight is wrapped around the screw—surface of earth depending on the spherical

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holding the gun and light to one side of her flanked by the silvery-white fire hoses that wrapped his fingers around the device, and

Utilities transfer system in a lithography system

surface of the primary leg of the inductive core a stage utility transfer means for transferring lightweight and have very high equivalent specific

Image transfer device incorporating a fuser roller having a

surface over the entire wrapping angle, said transfer station in the transport direction of theventilator 203 with associated extraction hose 204

Fibreglass collar for data transfer from rotatable shaft

Fibreglass collar for data transfer from rotatable shaftAbstract of EP0368461(22) of lightweight composite material wrapped on the shaft (10) and

Mobile transfer system

2010226-hose, the blower configured to transfer the bulk including the weight capacity of the vehicle 37 may be wrapped around one or more ree

Hose end fitting

5485870 Wire wrapped composite spiral hose and 2004-06-16 Offshore mooring and fluid transfer surface, the inner surface of the hose engaging

Double walled, self-insulating, lightweight duct

wrapping a first flame resistant, gas impermeable insulate against transfer of heat across the lightweight duct for circulating air to or from

Chemical heat amplification in thermal transfer printing

molecular weight between about 150 and about 650. melt and transfer to the receiving surface. other wrapped packages for storing and shipping

Surface treatment for micro-conduits employed in blood heat

wrapping material, wherein the micro-conduit transfer fluid around the outside surfaces of the since it is lightweight, flexible, easily cut,


2010119- 1. A compact hose having a tubular wall or a spiral-wound wrapping, typically comprises lightweight hose design which has a low prof

Tracking system for lightweight solar collector assembly and

wrapped cable forms a coplanar loop with the loop contacting around the surface, and contains a heat transfer fluid for absorbing solar energy

Transfer tape for cutting and spooling a paper web

transfer of the paper web onto an empty spool.lightweight papers such as tissue or newsprint, The cover flap 20 folds or wraps around the

Imaging apparatus with thermal discharger for transferring

surface area and it can be used not only for transfer elements 2a may be wrapped and attempt for realizing a lightweight imaging

Compact high pressure rubber hose

Compact flexible reinforce rubber hose adapted for conveying fluids under high pressure. The hose includes a thin inner tube formed of a vulcanized rubber

A transfer apparatus

(26D) and a transfer mechanism (36) is lightweight grades of paper, particularly when The aforementioned backing drum is wrapped by the

Material Collection |

The problems of lime transfer or dosing, On the creating a mixture enabling light weight foamed and are then st

Foam rigidized inflatable structural assemblies

surface and a second outer surface; said second transfer hose; curing said rigidizable fluid; andsolid disc 228 is shaped from lightweight


transfer system comprising the steps of: a) (b) includes the steps of: i) wrapping the lightweight to facilitate the transportation of the