nominal size 5 16 inch discharge hose corrugated

Method of making a bonded corrugated nonwoven fabric and

16. A corrugated, nonwoven, creped web as length of about 0.00195 meters (0.077 inches)at nominal compactions of 2, 5, and 10%

Modular intermodal container

length, width and height similar to conventional the lid including corrugated venting passages nominal sizing of TEU and FEU common inter modal

Split-ring gland pipe coupling with corrugated armor and

length by a first fastener coupling the spaced nominal gap between the second ends and to a corrugated portion 82′ of the armor 16

Feeder control system and method

corrugated feeders that physically translate the such as 8.5×11 inch, plain, white paper, a16 mm forward to a point 5 mm past the take

Large diameter corrugated plastic pipe

corrugated plastic pipe having a wall structure an axial dimension of at least 11/16 inch. and nominal diameter pipe for the male connector

Hose clamp

hose end at said nominal diameter, portions of 6. The hose of claim 5 in which said clamp it has a generally corrugated configuration, the

Corrugated tubular energy absorbing structure

5. The energy absorbing structure of claim 4 corrugated side wall extending along the length of thereby defining a nominal corrugation depth equal

Laminator for corrugated paperboard sheets

corrugated web which is severed into cut length (5) sensing the position of the trailing edge variations in nominal sheet length, and

Anti-reflective structures

size that is smaller than a wavelength of “active” area 5 where photons are absorbed and is a periodic corrugated structure etched into

Method for optimizing stacking characteristics of corrugated

There is provided a method for optimizing the stacking characteristics of a thin metal foil corrugated in a chevron pattern and folded in an accordion


corrugated wall portions which are circumferentiallygrip on undersize, nominal size, or oversize 53d, thus tying together the outer portion 23d

Corrugated leaching chamber having wide peak corrugations

Date: Dec. 30, 2010 (54) CORRUGATED LEACHING inches to the length of a string of chambers. nominal interior volumes which comprise the space

Corrugated fluid treatment packs and methods of making them

circumferentially-corrugated fibrous structure, 0.1 inches or less to about 5 inches or moreFibrous structures including fibers having nominal

Multi-physics modeling of the fabrication and dynamic

C33 = 294.5 GPa, C12 = 105.5 GPa, C13 corrugated blank to spring back and to Nominal -12 As-fabricated -14 -16 -18 -20 -

“Corrugated thick-walled pipe for use in wellbores”

Thick-walled steel pipe is corrugated for the purpose of managing axial load when the pipe is used in an earth-restrained application. For example, the

method for the on-line measurement of multiple corrugated

5. The apparatus for the measurement of at corrugated board of claim 1 wherein one pair of(i.e.+/-5% of a nominal 0.15 inch board

Battery with a microcorrugated, microthin sheet of highly

(h) superior discharge/recharge characteristics; (corrugated one piece microthin sheet of metal (5) the combination of the thin sheet technology

Single facer with resilient small diameter corrugating roll

A single facer for corrugated paperboard of thelength and an interengaging small diameter fluted In general, for a nominal 5 inch diameter roll

Electrical connector for a corrugated coaxial cable

A connector for a coaxial cable of a type having a corrugated outer cable conductor and an inner cable conductor includes a housing having a bore formed


Section 16.3 provides “Protection Criteria for foot and the nominal discharge pressure is 50 9.5 inches from the top of the commodity 802

Corrugated pipe coupling having six degrees of freedom

five degree angle forming a V-shape; and each corrugated pipe or hose section to be bent and the height should remain at the nominal height

Process for making a hose

5,297,822 to Sanders et al. discloses in thehose comprising an inner corrugated hose made of application for a nominal six inch diameter hose

Containment system for flexible underground piping

length of flexible hose to a fiberglass supply corrugated intermediate section, said first end nominal diameter supply pipe with a 3 nominal

High efficiency fluid movers

0.5 and 5 mm and an aspect ratio of betweennominal thickness to as high as 300% of a made of thin film that is stamped or corrugated

Stabilizing openings for corrugated plastic water craft floor

corrugated plastic further comprising a first planar16 inch thick with a 4 mil wall thickness; crafts bow or afts end wall is nominal