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Monazite, iron oxide and barite exsolutions in apatite

200733-Acta Petrol. Sin. 22, (7) 1999–2008 (in Chinese with English abstract iron oxide and barite exsolutions in apatite aggregates from CCSD

Garnet Granulite Xenoliths from the Northern Baltic Shield—

barite, cc 97% opx, 2% interstitial cpx, 1% Kspar cpx, gar, opx,, J. Petrol., 42, 731-763, doi:10.1093/petrology/42.4.731

Isotope Geochemistry of Vein Fluorite and Barite Deposits in

(2) barite mixed in mud fluid affects a little on the speed of invasionASSOC. PETROL. TECHNOL. 25(3), 117-123, 1960 The Japanese Association

Geology and metallogeny of the Ar Rayn terrane, eastern

defines a final stage of assembly of the massive barite lenses Mineralogy Alteration ExamplesJ. Petrol. 25, 956–983. Reston, T.J.,

Pericontinental petroliferous basins of the South Atlantic

Pericontinental petroliferous basins of the South Atlantic OceanAlpine metamorphismbaritenitrogensideriteWestern CarpathiansSedimentary basins located at Atla

from Bayan Obo, Inner Mongolia, China: implications for

(2004) 97–116 contains variable magnetite, monazite, bastnaesite, barite J. Petrol. 39, 2105 – 2121. Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy

Stable isotopic and mineralogical investigations of an arid

The micritic cement consists of calcite, aragonite and barite (Fig. 4 B,Am. Ass. Petrol. Geol. Bull., 43: 1–38. FOLK R. L. (1962) —

total alkalinity 0 - (/) · . ~ 1 0 % /

dolomite and barite, but are undcrsaturatcd cements throughout the paragenetic sequence of Petrol. 43,272-277. GRAF D. L. (1982)

Composition of hydrothermal fluids and mineralogy of

201442-Most notably, the overall higher abundance of barite in the outermost partsJ. Petrol. 43(8), 1435–1467. Gallant R. M. and Von Damm K. L

of Dahebian-Gongxi superlarge barite deposits and analysis

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Authigenic Barite as an Indicator of Fluid Movement through

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Sr isotope variation in vein barites from the NE Bavarian

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The Kibaran of southern Africa: Tectonic evolution and

High Pb p ratios, high 87Sr/86Srratios tbr as- sociated barite (Barr,The mineralogy, petrol- ogy and geochemistry of the Prieska orebody,

Die metamorphogenen Baryt-Pyrit (Pb-Zn-Ag) Gnge von Pollone,

The barite-pyrite-(Pb-Zn-Ag) deposit of Pollone is located in the Contrib Mineral Petrol 102: 347–366 Conti P, Costantini A, Decandia FA,

Isotopic insights into microbial sulfur cycling in oil

barite precipitation (6.2 mmol/kg H2O on day equivalent to hematite, a common cement in doi: 10.1016/j.petrol.2005.06.002 Jenneman,

Barite deposits of the “Montagne Noire”, Southern France

Several small barite deposits of Devonian age are known in the Monts de Petrol. Geologists 31, 2030–2040 (1947). Usdowski, H.-E.: Die Genese

Structural recovery behavior of barite-loaded bentonite

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in different monomineralic veins in the eastern part of Germ

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and Evolution of Barite Concretions in Eocene Pelagic

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Carbonate-silicate equilibria in the high-magnesia ultra

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Viscous behavior and wall slip of barite-weighted water-based

2017101-Viscous behavior and wall slip of barite-weighted water-based drilling fluidsdoi:10.1016/j.petrol.2017.10.010Gui WangHui DuZheng Zhang

Discovery of iron oxide, monazite and barite exsolutions in

Acta Petrol Sin (in Chinese), 2006, 22(7): 1915–1920Tang Q,Sun X M,Xu L, et al.Discovery of iron oxide, monazite and barite exsolutions in

Pb in the Central Rhodopean ore fields: Inferences for the

53 Table 1 Isotope compositions of Sr in barite and Pb in galena and – Geochem Mineral Petrol., 39, 81—95. Harkovska, A., Marchev, P.,

Mantle oddities: A sulphate fluid preserved in a MARID

201362-150 km). Daughter crystals of gypsum and barite have been reported fromPetrol. 165, 155–171. Giuliani, A., Kamenetsky, V.S., Kendrick,

and fluid inclusion study of polymetallic veins in the

Fluid inclusion data obtained in quartz, amethyst, sphalerite and barite fromBulg Acad Sci Geochm Mineral Petrol 5: 23–56 (in Russ) ——,Mavro

strontium isotope and fluid inclusion studies of barite

This paper deals with barite from stratiform, karst, and vein deposits Mineral. Petrol. 31:399–408 (1975) Cortecci, G., Reyes, E., Berti