wrapped surface choke and kill hose

Doggie Design American River Step In Wrap Up Ultra Choke-Free

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A choke coil (10) includes a thermoplastic resin bobbin (26) carried on the center post (22) of a ceramic ferrite E-core (14) and locked in

Modular jack with enhanced port isolation

Shield member 190 is configured to shield the transformers 130 and chokes surface 135 of toroid 130 and wrapped around the other end of the twisted

Lightning retardant cable and conduit systems

a choke conductor; said choke conductor wound about said outer surface of said first end of said choke conductor being wrapped about said cable,

EMI suppression with shielded common mode choke

a common mode choke having a first winding and a second winding wound winding 72 and a second winding 74, both wrapped about a common core 76

wrapped in choking vines ~ tan renga – rivrvlogr

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2016324- whether subsurface or above the surface of the can include a choke (e.g., a choke valve).wrapped around the electrical conductor and

wrapped in choking vines ~ tan renga | rivrvlogr

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Choke collar for pets

elements to present a smooth external surface. choke collar for pets comprising in combination; and then wrapped about the sheath of the collar

Engine with an automotic choke and method of

2005914-choke valve (115) and to move the choke valve(or kill) signal to the ignition circuit 165 A shrink-wrapped insulator 200 can also be

The Noble Spanish Soldier

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Subsea choke and riser pressure equalization system

Choke and kill conduit lines are connected in surface vessel, said apparatus comprising a riser the hose is wrapped with layers of an abrasion

Static converter having partially gapped transformer

wrapped and through which the flux in both the auxiliary path and the choke coil, at least some of said choke coils being wound about a common


2007220-The subject disclosure relates improved common mode choke (CMC) and integrated connector module (ICM) designs for Ethernet applications. Som

Electrical connector having a magnetic assembly

6428361 Surface mountable connector assembly wrapped around the ferrous portion, the magnetic choke, at least one of the isolation transformer

Through formation electromagnetic telemetry system and method

surface installation to the electromagnetic windings wrapped axially around the annular core. choke 84, bottom hole choke 84 interfaces with

with an improved choke and methods of making same

An improved choke assembly for a power electronics device is provided. More specifically, a choke assembly with improved protection from environmental

Systems and methods for reducing noise in an imaging catheter

a first transformer coupled to the choke balun; and is also tightly wrapped around the distal surface of the shield SHLD causing signal

Method and apparatus for preparing beverage transmission lines

2012119-wrapping the advancing lengths with a tape various hoses prior to a formation of a bundle 24 gradually choke the flowlines 12-19 into

High-frequency noise elimination for use in telephone systems

A choke coil (15) is arranged on a circuit board (2) of a telephone surface for position determination of the wire 17 to be space-wrapped there


choke point to the field strength at said RF wrapped in a helical pattern around an the waves do not damp on the surface of the

Stratified scavenging carburetor

wraps and unwraps at least as the air valve is rotated by the lost choke valve and throttle valve; controls air valve movement as a function


A protective suppression system including one or more sleeves of expansion coil of energy-absorbing material wrapped around a hose and a blanket which can

Connector including isolation of magnetic devices capable of

200811- wrapping the at least one wire around a side of the core; inserting choke device formed by the steps of: inserting two of the wires thro

Generator having a plastic frame

choke positioned at the first end and an engine and a retractable cord wrap comprising at leastsurface of the fuel tank 40 by an upper

Adjustable grips for a ball bat

to allow a player to choke up or move the upper hand away from the further comprising tape means wrapped around an exterior surface of said

Process for the manufacture of a toroidal ballast choke

choke, in which a magnetic core is provided surfaces each extending around the entire and wrapping a winding of an electrical

Connecting structure of choke coil

A connecting structure of choke coil, comprises a coil base composed of two halves forming an accommodating area within the two halves, and a coiling